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  2. John,
    The tubs came from Home Depot. Walmart also sells them.
    I'm preparing another branch pot.
    In the bottom of the tub will be 2" compost. then a bundle of vertically placed branches 6-8" long, surrounded some compost. Then 6" of a compost and leaf mix 1:1 by volume.
    In the top 2" of I'll mix in some rotted wood.
    These ideas come from the pepper plant tub excavation.

  3. From John:

    I'm going to try a variation of your stumps/branches in the soil idea. I have tons of kindling I've been collecting, small/thin branches from pine and oak trees. I'll try burying those in some 5 gal containers and see how that works for growing cucumbers and squash. Also, could you identify the type and source of the blue 18 gal tubs you're using. I'd like to find something larger than the 5 gal black containers I use. Are they from Walmart?

  4. Just did a search on hugelkultur and visited this site. I am impress! You are doing an awesome job educating others, like myself, with your experiments. Having watch some of your videos, I am noting down the information which saves me time. THANK YOU! Just finish our 2nd Hugelkultur box yesterday (and I am beat). We're trying to incorporate Hugelkultur (deep holes with stumps, branches, some compost and then do like Vermicompost when adding lots of food, leaves, shredded paper, twigs and lots of water... Then we set a 5 gallon bucket in the middle of the bed, as in the Keyhole gardening, and add more compost around it to reach under an inch of the bucket... then Back to Eden Garden with placing newspaper on top of the soil and 4 inches of wood chips. Last year we just did the Back to Eden gardening and everything came up wonderful. I'm excited about this year's harvest! lol

  5. Jo, Sound like a great hugel bed you're preparing. It certainly is a good workout, no reason to go to a gym when under construction. :)