Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hugelkultur works!

This 4th year of my vegetable garden, I got inspired after reading about Hugelkultur and decided to give it a try.

Here are links to this info:  (search for 'hugelkultur, many discussions)

I dug 3 beds each only about 4'x4' to a depth of ~1.5' and then added lots of wood in, layering it up with dirt.

I used local leaves and pine needles as mulch and then watched the film "Back to Eden", got inspired and added about 2" of wood chip mulch to my entire garden & fruit tree area.

No compost was added to these beds, only logs, leaf mulch layer, than a top woodchip mulch layer.
For one bed I did add purchased organic fertilizer. The other beds I only added my own home-prepared liquid organic fertilizer (another post). All the beds are doing great.

It is the first year my garden in this spot has been a success! Now producing way more squash than several families can eat. Tomatoes and cukes just starting to ripen.

Only planted squash on top of the hugelkultur beds.  But did plants some tomatos next to the beds and some tomatos away from the hugelkultur beds.  The tomato plants close to the hugelkultur beds are doing much, much better than the other ones just planted in freshly dug clay (with the leaf and woodchip mulch).


  1. Your garden looks great! Looks like you're gardening on a slope. Any trouble with the woodchips washing away?

    I will be building a new garden area soon (on a slope). I was really excited about "Back to Eden" and then I read more about hugelkulture. So I'm really interested in how your "blended concept" garden works out. LOL

  2. 1st year with wood chips and rains don't start till winter, but even with bare clay erosion has not been a problem, so I'm sure the wood chips won't wash away.