Monday, September 24, 2012

Corn cob seedling mix

Here I mixed some various amendments with compost to see which worked best for starting squash and cucumber seeds.
Tried several amendments, leaves, wood chips, wood chunks, wood wafers, corn cob slices, b
The best was compost and corn cob slices.
2nd best was compost and wood chunks or a wood wafer.
These and others are shown in this video.

All these seedlings were planted in the ground. After 2 weeks, the corn cob one is still doing the best with the wood chunk and wood wafer ones still doing second best.
None of the transplants wilted. It has not been hot, less than 80 degrees.


  1. What an unexpected result. I'm going to have to save the cobs from my grain corn when I harvest next month.

  2. Your lucky to have your own source. I'm looking around for some castaway cobs somewhere. Next year I'll bury some full cobs in the ground right next to tomato, squash,... transplants.

  3. Church picnics in the summer would probably be an excellent source. I used to snag all kinds of food scraps for my chickens by setting out a bin labeled "Food Scraps!" at group functions.

  4. BTW, I just picked up about 10 big slices of an oak log by the side of the road. I'm going to bury them, plant on top and see what happens.

  5. Should work fine the first season if they are dry and you bury them vertically.

  6. Very cool... we shall see!

    I linked to you the other day:

    I don't come across many true trailblazers, but I think you're on to some very cool stuff.

  7. thanks for sharing.

  8. Brilliant stuff!!! I'll be trying corncobs, definitely. Thank you so much. Your experiments (vertical stumps, too) are really enlightening, novel, and so helpful.