Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Transplanting Wilt Free Update

Here's an update on my trials to transplant large squash and cucumbers on hot sunny afternoons without shade, without wilt and without shock.

Plus some ideas on how to improve this for next year

This sheet shows an idea to try next hot season.  It is discussed at the end of the video.


  1. Good work. I've had cucumber plants wilt and then snap out of it. Never gave it much thought. Do you think the wilting reduces production in any way? That is the important test. If you do, then this is worth it. I will put some pine bark fines in the bottom of the hole and along one side. I would soak the fines before planting. That should do the trick. Look forward to your trials next year.

  2. For my garden the wilt would last for 3 weeks after transplanting, so that took a big bite out of the harvest (3wks out of an 8-12 wk harvest period). But if your plants only wilt for a few days it wouldn't effect the harvest as much.

    However, I was transplanting in heavy clay, in hot, sunny weather, with only afternoon sun. Probably the most challenging combination for transplanting.